We received prenatal care from Dani at Mountain Mamas.  This is the first convenience you'll want to sign up for! In-home prenatal checkups in the comfort of your own home was a great perk. Dani would come over, take mom's weight, measure fundal height, use the doppler to monitor baby's heart rate, check mom's diet and exercise. Dani took great care during these visits to answer all of our questions, in an extremely time-free manner. She also offered advice and recommendations in an unbiased way, telling us our options (like whether or not to give our newborn a vitamin K shot at birth).

 Once it came to the birth, I believe our story is a uniquely long one. Labor started early Friday morning (around 1am). We contacted Dani to let her know it had begun around 2am, and she told us to let her know when the contractions got a little stronger and when we wanted her at our home. Labor continued through the mid-morning, our doula arrived in the late evening and Dani came over that night (and conveniently lived a few miles or so down the road from our house). 

Labor progressed slowly, and dilation checks were done only occasionally when signs pointed to a possible furthering of labor. Dani brought an inflatable birth tub that we lined with a plastic sheet and filled with warm water. Labor progressed in and out of the tub through Friday night and into Saturday. Whitni joined the crew, early that morning (from what we remember). There was minimal sleep that night. The crew got us pumped up Saturday morning that a birth would happen that day. Yes, let's have a baby! Labor continued throughout Saturday. Everything from food, tinctures, teas to exercise was offered to progress labor. Saturday was a long and quite exhausting day. My blood pressure was beginning to rise and Dani gave a hint to us early Saturday evening that a hospital transfer may be necessary. Everyone went above and beyond to keep me healthy and try to progress labor. Finally, that evening, Dani made the call that a hospital transfer would be needed. We had complete confidence and trust that Dani was making the right call. If she said we needed to go to the hospital, then that's where we needed to go. Our birth team prepped us at 9pm that night of what a hospital transfer would look like, what to expect at the hospital and what we should pack (no hospital bag was packed).

 We made the 45-minute trek to the Jackson hospital at 10pm and arrived at 11pm. The next 7 hours were the hardest. Finally, our healthy baby boy, Gavin, was born at 6:10am, Sunday morning.  A total of 54 hours had passed since my first contraction. The hospital staff were amazing and took great care of us. All of our decisions were respected and honored. Of course, we had hoped for our son to be born at home, but we knew that the hospital was needed for a safe birth.